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I could understand that you like British rock band like Oasis or Primal Scream, but it was a little surprise to me to know you also like Brit Pop Sound like Blur. What do you like about British Band?

Aaron:I noticed Oasis and Blur came up but, First and For most, The Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, and the Who, to me. You know, the way before Brit Pop Stuff.

Michael:I think, like in a really dark and gloomy way, everything is, at least musically, more positive than any other music. I love Oasis and Blur, but that's just two British band i think we all like.

Jeff:Like First Pink Floyd record, it's just so vibrant and colorful, and you see where these guys come from, it's so grey... Especially us coming from California, it's amazing they could overcome their surroundings of such shittyness.

Michael:It's like what music from California should be like.


Michael:You know, music from California should be that. Back in the 60's that's how it was. And that's kind of what I wished for. We kinda miss that.

I've already asked about your background little bit, but what was your life like when you were kids? When you started playing a guitar, Aaron?

Aaron:I am officially a worst guitar player in this room. That's no joke.

Michael:(haha) That's no joke.

Aaron:I almost purposely, whenever I could have taken lessons at school, or whatever I could have taken a guitar lessons here or there, I kinda... maybe because I was coming from Punk Rock, I was like Alright, I can play power code, and it is all you know. Because at that time, I was like I wanna play Punk Rock, it's all I am gonna play, and I kinda felt like having a certain limitations in my guitar playing, made me take those few things that I could do, make the most out of that one note.

So it was actually Punk Rock that got you started?

Aaron:In playing guitar? Yes. For me, I like Rock'n Roll and I grew up watching MTV, I liked Guns and Roses, and Metallica or anything, and I wanted to play guitar. But I always thought no one ever can play that music. When you see Slash solo-ing, you were like, I can't do that. Then I discovered Punk Rock, and all of a sudden, there's Black Flag, I was like, I can do that! you know, I can play that! which was huge, huge, huge thing that changed my entire life.

So Black Flag was one of your main influences.

Aaron:Definitely. I mean not in Jubilee or what we do, but for me to start playing guitar. But I think their work ethic, or something influences us. And these guys are...

Jeff:Psychedelic music when i was a kid. Pink Floyd when I was like a baby, basically. I liked their cool sound. First time I heard The Dark Side (of the Moon), i got scared, I had to turn it off. But i thought that was cool.

Aaron:Oh yeah yeah, "Revolution No.9" on the white album, that scared the shit out of me as a kid.

Michael:I grew up with mainly The Beatles. I remember when I first started playing guitar, I got this giant Beatles' book where you can find all Beatles song, and I would go to guitar lessons, every time it was a brand new Beatles song. I forgot them all, but that's basically how I got started.

You also played piano too?

Michael:Yeah, I started on piano when I was 5 years old, something like that. Then when I was 8 or 9 years old, Nirvana, or Green Day first came out to the main stream, I was like oh, I wanna be like that. So I had to play guitar, I was like fuck piano, which was one thing I regret, I wish I was a piano player. But It made me want to play a guitar, it went from there.

You toured in the UK first, was that something like your strategy?

Aaron:No no no. We knew we hadn't played live yet, and if we played in L.A., there would be a certain stigma attached to the band at the very first show. Because there's gonna be like "Oh, Icarus Line and Wires on Fire, guys from Queens, a guy from Nails, Ok, prove it to me, show me what you got." So the idea was to be like, Let's get far away from home as possible, where we don't get to worry about friends and family on the guest lists, and we can just concentrate on figuring out how to be a unit, how to be a band, and play without the distraction of L.A. bull shit, you know. In L.A. for a new band, there's a "prove it to me" type thing. And I knew if would be for us.

Actually I know one japanese fan who flew to see the show . How was the reaction over there?

Jeff:It was really good.


Aaron:It was way beyond I could... I thought it would be like, ok we are playing in this far away place, and no one gonna to come, but there's people from Japan, people from all over Europe, people flew in from Belgium, Germany, a couple of Itarians, people from America.


Aaron:The intention was to let's try to play for nobody, so if we fall into face, we are not embarrassed in front of a large group of people. Then all of a sudden there's all these people from all over the world with filming every move, and it's on youtube next day, which was great... but no, it was flattering at the same time. It was far exceeded our expectation, it was great. Especially in these small towns they are not used to see the band. They told us no one ever comes here, and at first they were like " why you are playing here?" And the fact is we played there, it was great.

Michael:They were just super appreciative too, that was the coolest part.

Aaron:Yeah, It was fun. But it was cold. And I ate a lot of pork faggots, and smoked lots of fags...

Michael and Jeff, How do you plan to keep balance between Jubilee and Wires On Fire or Queens of the Stone Age ?

Jeff:All of your friends, you never hang out with them, you never hang out with your girl friend. My girl friend hates me at this point. So we have this band 24 hours a day, as long as you don't do anything else, it work.

Michael:People always think if you are in the band, you go to the party or do something, I won't do anything except playing music. I mean I love it, I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it. But I just don't have a social life.

Aaron:I didn't have any friends anyway. All of my friends are already here anyway, you wanna meet more friend?

(haha) So what is your future plan after you complete and release your first full length record?

Aaron:Kick ass!!

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